Inspection Over, Busy Life Continues


Apartment Inspection is over, this is the corner of the living area in the apartment with the window to the kitchen in the right and my office chair in the bottom left. This is pretty standard for Seattle Washington low-income affordable-income apartments. The shit-brown indoor/outdoor carpeting, the sloppy tape and paint job on the dry wall and so forth. I could go on, but you’ve seen one type, you’ve seen them all.  The furniture and wall coverings are the Husband’s.  We keep it clean and do a thorough cleaning for the quarterly annual inspections for one thing or another.

Tomorrow is my first bi-annual appointment with my Kidney Doctor.  Nothing special going on, just another appointment, but I’ve been feeling so run down after the high adrenaline non-stop go action for the wedding, then cleaning for this inspection. All the while trying to stay on top of my medications for various health issues, trying to keep blood sugars low and exercise 2-3 hours per day to keep weight and said sugars in check. Just trying to stay healthy has worn me down the past six months or so.

Life wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so busy, lol.

By Brick ONeil

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