Renal Checkup, Blood Sugars and Hospital Pharmacy

Saw my Renal Doctor today and all is well so far. Still have labs to do to check the little guy and blood labs. I asked to drop the Fish Oil and Flaxseed tablets (that previous doctor’s in Omaha and Seattle prescribed) because the hadn’t done anything to help prevent heart/cholesterol/lipids issues. After having heart surgery in 2013, afterall, they hadn’t done squat. So two less medications I have to pay for over the counter, that medicare won’t cover anymore. As many of you know, social security just doesn’t stretch too far these days.

We went over my health and fitness, me telling the Doctor I haven’t lost weight, but i’m more muscular now than six months ago, working out two to three hours a day. I’m  happy with my blood pressure and the ‘golden ratio’ will never work with me, so don’t mess with my medications. Looks like I’ll have to start insulin shots next month, the immunosuppressants have messed with my blood sugars for far too long, no longer under control with pills, diet and exercise.  At least I know there is nothing else I could have done.

The hospital has instituted a new policy that all patients who receive medications through hospital pharmacies must meet with a hospital pharmacy representative now. They are just totally useless: asking if patients have any trouble taking medications, understanding how and when to take them. Seriously, I know how to put them in my hand and pop them in my mouth. Then they ask if I have trouble getting them from the pharmacy.

Really? Asking each and every appointment when I tell you time and again the trouble I’ve had with harborview hospital pharmacies the past seven years? And nothing gets done. Both the little pharmacy intern and pharmacy rep asked the same thing, then gave me the same plastic seattle smile with glazed eyes when I started telling them the problems their pharmacies give me each time I pick up medications. Missing prescriptions from my records, re-orders never arriving, filled orders missing from their stock, never understanding what I’ve ordered and it is just endless. Then having to wait two to thee hours to pick up medications, having to wait to get them refilled after I’ve ordered them the required two days.

Why ask if you’re not going to do anything about it and stating as much? There’s nothing you can do to improve efficiency at Harborview pharmacies? Then why do you exist?

To ask if I understand HOW to take medications?

By Brick ONeil

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