Lab Results Via Nephrologist

Got latest lab results from Nephrologists office and some numbers are great, some are elevated.

There’s been an ongoing battle regarding all my cholesterol level numbers. My A1C has gone down from 9.1 months ago to 8.4, cholesterol is 244, triglycerides 696, HDL 37, glucose 219. The Dr’s keep prescribing medications that do all the damage, then prescribe medications that lower BP but have devastating side effects and finally ignore all that and blame me. I must be doing SOMETHING wrong, they all say.

I tell them until i’m blue in the face that I eat healthy (HELLO, I’VE WRITTEN FOUR LOW-CARB, LOW-SALT COOKBOOKS), exercise 2-3 hours a day, get my 6-8 hours per night, try to keep stress levels down. Oh, do they know I have renal failure, renal transplant, heart failure heart surgery among a plethora of other issues? This is SO frustrating! The Dr’s suggestion? Go in insulin shots.

Meanwhile, my kidney lab numbers aren’t looking that great, Blood Urea Nitrogen level is 39, Creatinine is 1.71, GFR is 43.

Wonder what is going to happen next.

By Brick ONeil

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