Product Review: Copper Magnetic Bracelet


Received the Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet free, less S/H. I’ve been wearing for 13 days to test out the claims in the ad.

“99.9% PURE COPPER BANGLE. Pure copper and its intrinsic properties help carry natural magnet therapeutic benefits to different parts of the wrist and hand.” The bracelet is quite attractive, a thin copper metal with black alternating stripes, very masculine without going over-the-top. Adjustment is done by ‘squeezing’ the metal close to the wrist or ‘pulling’ away. My wrists are quite small and narrow, so I was genuinely surprised at the fit.

“6 RARE EARTH, ULTRA POWERFUL, NEODYMIUM EARTH THERAPY MAGNETS. Premium natural magnets offer the greatest therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions including Arthritis Pain, RSI, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Wrist Injuries. Great for tennis, golf and other sports pain.” I could not tell a difference in physical health in regards to the magnets, not having any of the listed diseases or health issues. However, I did notice I was a bit more energetic throughout the day, able to get a little more cleaning and errands done.

“STYLE AND FIT FOR ALL. Premium copper bangle easily molds to nearly any wrist. Perfect for both men and women. Slightly flattened on top for natural fit. Bracelet comes in premium velvet and satin pouch for storage and protection.” As stated in the first part, I found the bracelet attractive and comfortable, the velvet and satin pouch was a nice touch, could be given as a gift for anyone, mom/dad, grandma/grandpa or family jewelry. I didnt find the bracelet catching my shirts or getting in my way at all.

By Brick ONeil

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