Supreme Court of the United States, June 26, 2015

I almost feel sorry for Christian Conservatives this week, afterall, they lost the Affordable Care Act, Equal Housing Law, Equal Marriage Law and have to remove Confederate Flags from Government Buildings. Almost feel sorry-they’re still sore losers, threatening everything from self-immolation to treason.

Yesterday I learned you can’t teach old religious right conservative christian about love. Either they ‘get it’ and understand Jesus was about love, compassion, understanding and obeying the 10 commandments-he mentioned nothing else-or they don’t get it. But, what else did I expect. Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

Anyway-CONGRATULATIONS FOR ‪#‎MARRIAGEEQUALITY‬! Though, America has now joined the 20th centruy and another previous 20 countries that have already passed nationwide Marriage Equality! I mean, Canada and Mexico passed it before U.S. We’ve officially joined the North Americans in most of the Freedoms that Nations enjoy.

And other venues that passed this week! ACA/ObamaCare (thanks, really, go out to Republicans for that moniker), which will cement President Obama’s legacy. Couldn’t’ve done it without you, Repubs. You’re special! Also this week, Thankfully the very symbol of hate, ignorance, slavery, torture-the confederate flag, is on it’s way to obscurity, where it belongs. Hate has no place in today’s America, people. Another ‘small’ piece of legislation passed, providing equal housing to all, ensuring another landmark in President Obama’s presidential legacy.

I said it first years ago: “Because I think it’s icky” is never a valid legal argument.

Are you confused what #GAYRIGHTS are all about? THIS is what gay rights are all about, people: The right to live our lives and stay alive. The right to congregate and not worry about bombs or fires. The right to hold loved ones in public and not get shot. Get yourself educated. Research the UpStairs Lounge arson attack that killed 32 people. Find out more about Harvey Milk, an American politician who became the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California when he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. And was subsequently assassinated. And look into the Stonewall Riots, the birthplace of the modern Gay Rights Movement.

On many Christian Conservative and Republican Politician’s facebook pages, their acolytes proselytize about “God’s Law”, “Bible based Laws” and Biblical Armageddon.   As I’ve tried to point out, Eve was Adam’s SECOND wife, btw. The Bible forbids divorce as well. Sodom and Gomorrah was about hospitality rules, NOT men/men-women/women. Can’t pick and choose, sweetpeas. ‪#‎MarriageEquality‬ is here to stay!

You can still have religion and do what Jesus stated: take care of the poor and sick; help those in need; obey the 10 commandments. Only thing you can’t do anymore, is marginalize others rights just because you don’t like or agree with them. It’s that simple.

Just do not understand christians’ narrow-mindedness regarding separation of church and state, constitutionally-based law. I mean, they just boggle my mind. I have an ongoing thread under mike huckleberry’s post, this was my last comment, they don’t seem to grasp:

Just because conservative christians don’t believe in other bibles, religions or their Holy Books, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and they aren’t true. The world is full of Religions that have existed for Millinnea longer than ‘Christianity’ and still exists in today’s world. [because I posted about Eve not being Adam’s first wife, etc].

Remember: Jesus was all about love. He only hated the religious zealots who were self-centered egoists that judged everybody.

Luckily, the U.S. legal system is law and constitution based and is in no way whatsoever based on religion, the bible or ‘god’s law’. LGBT now have equality under the United States’ Constitutionally-based legal system. It’s LAW now, you must get with the 21st century.

LOVE is just a part of EVOLVE


By Brick ONeil

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