Facebook Fasting

Sometimes one needs to step back and reassess how they spend their time.

Recently I came to the conclusion I could not continue on some social media sites, such as Facebook and Google Plus. Due to the upcoming elections, posts and comments are so vitriolic as to cause me to wonder just who these people are on my friend lists. LGBT issues are becoming more mainstream, just as more hate is as well. That is to be understood, however, people are letting their biases and discriminatory beliefs shine forth. People will have differing opinions and everyone knows what opinions are exactly like and everyone has one. And they all stink.

I’ve been social media free for a few weeks now and have accomplished so much! The gentle soul sucking social media lulls one into a false sense of security. You never see time slip away, nor do you realize your anger and angst. I cannot spend time on something and not see anything happening.  I hate spinning my wheels on anything and not seeing results. I’ve written a few articles before on social media here on brickoneil.com regarding no results from extensive marketing of my novels, cookbooks, peppers, contests and so forth.

If you want to get in touch with me, follow the link back to my website. I’ve listed text numbers, IM chat (though I’m rarely on them), email addresses-even twitter. But I’m no longer active on social media sites. Maybe after the Presidential Elections are over in January 2017.