Brick ONeil Book Review: Finding Him: Gay For You Romance

When sexy, cynical divorce lawyer, Tobias Sheffield, is mugged, beaten, and left for dead behind a restaurant alley, it’s struggling office temp, Ben Giles, who comes to his rescue. A charming, even-tempered, Midwesterner at heart, Ben seeks refuge in his new friendship with the powerful, gay attorney, despite his strict Christian upbringing.

As Tobias’s desires change from one night stands to wanting a long-term relationship, he eases his own pain by helping Ben transition through a rocky divorce from his cheating wife, Ashleigh. With Tobias by his side, Ben discovers things about himself he never thought possible—including his true feelings for Tobias.


My Take:

Short, Sweet Romance

Discovering who you are is never easy or painless. What makes the process more tolerable, is having someone with you that understands what you are going through.  Lane gives us two flawed human beings, with thoughts, feelings just like everyone else.

This is a modern romance with old fashioned values that everyone can enjoy.  Place is in the city, so many people can visualize without Lane having to bog us down with lengthy descriptions or boring landscapes. We see city and outlaying areas, urban and suburb. There is a bit of sex but nothing that mature adults can withstand. Lane shows what happens with a marriage of convenience or when one party loves more than another-in both straight and gay relationships. There isn’t a one-stop fixes all nor is there fault thrown in anyone’s faces. Lane shows that feelings change and we can’t change who we love.

Lane does a really good job with characterizations, no one over-the-top, no one mealy-mouthed either. A good balance, in my humble opinion. There is a good pace to the short story, there wasn’t an overlooked feeling.  I give 5 stars.

By Brick ONeil

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