Reviving Old Tablets


I’m in need of a new workhorse computer! I’ve looked into trading on my two old convertibles and kindle but they are just too old for computer stores like Amazon tech, office depot, best buy and I only need so many clocks and ereaders. I have the cheap kindle 8.0 that is a good reader. I found interconnections in Seattle that sells used computers and sent them a message about trade ins so waiting.

Then I wondered if they could upgrade these two old tablet convertibles, the HP/Compaq TC1100 and the Asus TF101 Transformer to win 7 with word and lollipop 5 with word, respectively.

Either way, I really need a small workhorse computer with word, because Smashwords only accepts word 97-10 docs. So none of the word replacement programs will work. And neither tablet can run google docs.

So now I’m waiting to hear, wish me luck!