Update On Using Old Tech

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So, I’ve spent a week or two trying to find websites that play video, tv or radio for the old Asus Transformer TF101 but come to find out the tablet’s OS is just too old, being Android 4.0.3. Everything now needs, at a minimum 4.4.4. So, what to do with it? I don’t need another ereader, I don’t need a home weather station, I don’t need a video player, I don’t need a picture slide show. It’s a shame it couldn’t be upgraded, either RAM or OS. It’s just too slow to be useful now.

I’m renting the Dell’s background processes to a trading website. Time will tell if it makes me any money. I type on the newer/used T100HA Transformer using google docs then transfer and reformat using word on the Dell to upload to WordPress. The Dell is 5.5 lbs and is too unwieldy to carry around at 15″, but I sure do love that big screen at home. They keyboard has become glitchy, after nearly a year, though. Whenever I get a desk, I may get a Microsoft Arc keyboard and mouse for it (after upgrading the RAM).

The Fire HD 8 (2015 5th gen) I do use as an ereader, word processing (with moko keyboard) and light business use. I’m looking into using it also to play video/tv/radio to make me money, when I’m not using it. Keeping my eye out for a basic Fire when it goes on sale for $35, then it too will make me money.

I’ve got free service from FreedomPop and QLink (bought cheap  phone from FP and QL gave a phone free); those phones both have lock screen app, S’Mores, that are making me money. The Note Edge has SlideJoy that is making me money as well. It’s not much, but i’m doing all I can.

My TMobile bill has gone down from $82 to $50 in a matter of months. I removed the Gear S then removed Jump. After I pay off the Note Edge i’ll re-add the Gear S to the account.

By Brick ONeil

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