Boots & Bobcat

Two senior neutered boys, left is Boots, 10 and right is Bobcat, 11, cuddling and sleeping as they like to do, after one of they days of playing. They are both about 15 pounds.
Boots is an American Shorthair Tuxedo, smart as they come! He likes to figure out puzzles and keep you on your toes. He’s got rust colored fur running through the black and loves laying in the sun. He loves attention when HE wants it, otherwise, just a pet on the head will do.
Bobcat is also an American Shorthair, breed unknown, not as smart, bless his heart, but it is full of love.  He enjoys cuddling above all else, wrapping his paws around your neck while you pet him. His tail was bobbed in a kitten accident from previous owner at 10 months of age but it still sticks straight up!
They are both neutered, last vet visit they were healthy. They love cat trees, scratching cardboard cat scratchers and tender-center dry cat food. They need extra clean litterboxes at all times.
They have been loved and pampered the past 10 years with one owner who can no longer care for them due to health issues. Looking to rehome them by December 6th, which is the date they head to the Humane Society Kill Shelter. I have spent weeks emailing cat organizations, rescues and shelters to no avail. Please share!

By Brick ONeil

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