15 Pounds Lost with my #SimpleHealthyFresh Cookbook Series

During the past few years, I’ve had some stress to deal with-an unhappy marriage, multiple health issues, moving twice, having to give up my cats and so forth. Like most people I dealt with the stress by eating comfort foods and over eating. Since I’ve lost height as well (going from 5’9″ to 5’7″), I really didn’t need to be 180 pounds. I’ve moved to one of the Washington State Islands, less stress (but way more expensive), less to deal with.

In that vein, I’ve started living healthier–going back to the roots of my Simple Healthy Fresh lifestyle. What does that mean? In a nutshell, eating healthier–low carb, low salt, low starch, low fat; exercising more–cardio (walking, exercise pedals, etc), strength training. Doing anything but sitting on my butt staring at a screen. Portion control is also a big part of eating healthier. As I say in  the introduction, if you don’t know what a portion is buy a cheap set of measuring spoons and cups, read what a serving portion is of a dish or food.

In this Free Introduction to Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook series, https://brickoneil.com/simple-healthy-fresh/introduction-to-simple-healthy-fresh-cookbook-series/,  I discuss all this, plus the thinking behind the cooking, the way I shop, the reasons for low carb and low salt, basics of herbs and spices. This volume is free except on Amazon, where they refuse to honor the free prices from Smashwords, my publisher. The ebook is free on Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and many others.