Third of 2017 Gone

A third of 2017 has passed, four months. We’ve made our resolutions on January 1st or at least promises to do better in a brand new year. What have you done with your four months so far? Kept going to the gym or working out? Finally took that class you’ve always wanted? Bowling with friends each week? Time and place get away from everyone but making time for you is absolutely vital for a healthy life. If you backtrack, that’s ok–just means you’re human. What do you do? You dust yourself off, get back on  your feet and face forward.

Myself, I vowed to move on with my life somewhere new, get back into my ‘Simple Healthy Fresh’ lifestyle and get healthier. So far, so good: I’ve moved to a new location, giving myself time to grieve the past, eating healthier foods, exercising each day. I’m not ready to dive head-first into society in my new town, but i’ve peeked out of my apartment a few times and enjoyed the beauty. I’m eating healthier, making better food choices (and remembering how much I enjoy healthy food). I’m slowly getting back into my former exercises (low-impact weights, exercycle, etc) and losing weight.