Blood Sugar and Supplements

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Since I’ve caught up some bills, I decided to re-introduce some supplements to my daily regimen. Back came Fish Oil, Magnesium and Vitamin C. Right away my Blood Sugar came down a couple hundred points, to a more manageable 180-200 (what my GP wanted). Remember, I’ve got a transplant and diabetes along with heart issues with a lot of medications that cause diabetes. So we’re all pretty excited about this development. My Dr. had prescribed these before but I had stopped taking them for awhile, due to financial issues.

Along with the supplements, I’ve added some fruits to my diet, with salads again. In my little corner of America, food prices are outrageous, so I buy healthy items whenever I can, which is about 4-5 days worth at the beginning of the month. Since I’m back on the insulin for diabetes, I’ve gained a few of those hard-won pounds I’d lost. Still nothing to gripe about. My blood sugars are returning to a more normal number, something I can work with.

I’ve also noticed I’ve lost inches in my chest, but not my waist, sadly. I didn’t gain in my waist, which I’m thankful. I’m going to restart my chest weight exercises again, I do a routine of 6 chest and upper body exercises, that takes about 20-30 minutes. Sometimes I add squats and lunges and rarely, some Yoga. I do enjoy Yoga, from a workout app I found and bought. I created my own Yoga routine of standing only, because I don’t want to hop up and down like a yo-yo. My knees can’t take it, hahahah. After all, I’m in my upper 40s.

We all have our ups and downs in life, same as weight, health, measurements. The important issue is these do not define you! As I keep reminding you, find healthy activities and hobbies you enjoy, keep yourself busy, have some form of group you communicate with.

Keep up the good work!

By Brick ONeil

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