Been busy lately, using my creative side.

I’ve been wanting to put some color in the dining area and was looking at chair covers, table cloths and the sort. Discovered table linens are quite expensive. There were some articles I’d read in various magazines about creating your own household linens, arts, furniture, and started thinking. There is a thrift store here in town where I bought the dining chairs (for $3 each) so thought I’d return and see what I could find.

Found a queen size red silk sheet for $5 that would be great material for the chair recovers and dining room tablecloth. I spent a few days cutting out the patterns, so that part is done. Now I need to buy some fabric glue and Velcro strips. The material needs some sort of backing for thickness, wear and durability. There is an arts and crafts store I’ll go to at the beginning of next month. So, for a total of about $15 (I’m guessing), i’ll have the two chairs recovered and a new table cloth.

Also found a green glass pitcher that was cheap and happens to match some tumblers that didn’t get broken, so there is a nice trio set for anything-juice, mixed drinks, etc.

The rosacea has been burning bright and exceptionally painful this summer. Where I live, the weather is cooler, for that I am grateful. But the rosacea is finicky-no sun, no heat, no cold, no hot drinks, no spicy food, no hot food. Then there are the food restrictions-as before, no spice food, no hot food, no eggplant specifically (which is a bummer, eggplant is a diabetic free food). Now I’ve discovered the rosacea is triggered by beans, another diabetic staple. The older I get, the more foods i’m allergic to, between the kidney transplant, diabetes and rosacea.

I’m always on the lookout for creams, gels that dampen the rosacea’s pain and burning sensations. I’m allergic to all the prescription gels and creams. I’m allergic to most of the over-the-counter gels and creams. There is only one gel so far that helps and I’ve found a cream that touts itself as a rosacea calming over-the-counter help. So, i’ll see.

My weight is down to 163 (remember weight can vary 5 pounds during the day). This plateau has lasted for weeks.

Onward and upward!