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Since moving to the San Juan Islands, I’ve laid low, eschewing anything flashy or expensive (save rent+util, which are 75% of my income), I’ve sold a phone I had, the LG Nexus 5X and paid off one of the credit cards that I used to move. That felt good making the last payment!

Also, since I moved with almost nothing, I’ve bought an ottoman from the Amazon Warehouse, which was 65% off! The one was $300 but bought for $100 (due to a defect or damage), with free shipping.  You’ve got to understand how great that is, living on an Island.

I was saving for a four poster metal bed frame, which is $160, but the ottoman was on a clearance sale due to damage. Hey, i’m on Social Security, so I can’t be picky about what I get. I’ve got some furniture listed on Amazon, if you want to take a look:

I’ve still got another credit card to pay off  and the interest + security takes up $25 of the payments. There aren’t any flea markets or used furniture stores here on the Island, so I’m looking online, thus the Amazon list.

In that vein, I’m selling some tech I have, in the top picture, to pay down the other credit card and buy furniture. You pay shipping. From the Island I can send via USPS, whichever type you pay for, via paypal, You can pay via credit card, checking account and paypal.

On the left is a HTC 510 Desire Feature Phone that  I had with which I’m selling for $50.

In the center is a LG 505C phone I had with, both are with the Sprint network. This is going for $50 as well.

On the right is my handheld DocuPen Scanner, you use the cable and scan pages. This has a slot for a SD card inside the pen. There is a CD included and is selling for $100.

Send an email or comment on the blog post on my website.

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