Desperately asking for help!

I’ve had personal belongings in a storage shed in Omaha, Nebraska going on ten years. There are a lot of items from my Mother, who passed away in 2006, along with lifetime of books, clothes, art, kitchenware and so on I do not want to lose. This particular storage shed owner and manager has given me a difficult time over the past decade, claiming not to get new information on credit cards, failure to authorize payments, claims of one thing or another. I’ve had to report him to various state and federal authorities, which leaves me stressed. Stress that is not good for my badly damaged heart, kidney transplant or health/mental issues. You can imagine the health  issues that causes.

In that vein, I’m BEGGING anyone who knows of a charity or social organization that will help raise funds for a moving company or whomever to pack up my storage shed, a 10×15 unit, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact them and let me know.  The summation of moving charges are around $2400, which I will never be able to save, my only income is Social Security Disability Income due to kidney failure, heart failure and hearing loss (65% bilateral loss of both hearing and speech discrimination. I need new hearing aids, but that is another issue).  I have tried raising funds myself by writing books, cookbooks, novels, freelance writing but nothing has helped or gone through. I have been cheated of thousands of dollars of payments by writing gigs over ten years, which would have helped. I need someone to help me, I am desperate.

PLEASE help me check for organizations that will help. I’ve spent the last ten years asking, begging and searching but coming up empty handed.

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By Brick ONeil

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