Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Soap

Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bar Soap, Cool Moisture, 6 Count

Many years ago in 2003 I received a Kidney Transplant, for which I am very grateful. After the first year on Immunosuppressants, I started developing a red rash on my face. The dermatologist said I had rosacea and needed a more gentle way to clean my skin, especially on  my face and body. Immunosuppressants make my skin more susceptible to skin damage, drying out, cancer, and so forth. He recommended Dove Beauty Bar Soap. So I’ve been using nothing but Dove since then.

I discovered that cucumber and green tea were fantastic for skin and found Dove’s Cucumber and Green Tea bar soap! Stores are selling these bars for up to $5 a bar. Luckily, Amazon to the rescue! I found this on sale for $10 for 6 bars, bringing down the price to $1.67 per bar. That’s within my social security budget.

Power Stick Intensity 2oz. Antiperspirant & Deodorant (6-Pack)

I also found an old favorite underarm deodorant from years ago. PowerStick disappeared from grocery stores and found a new home in those dollar type stores. Since I moved to Seattle-Tacoma-Friday Harbor, they aren’t found anywhere and was using whatever cheaper deodorant there was in stores. Low and behold, PowerStick shows up on Amazon! The price was $15 for 6 tubes, which brings the price to $2.50, still cheaper than what I could find in a store.

Amazon has some amazing prices, if you look for them and watch the sales prices over a few months.

By Brick ONeil

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  1. Glad green tea works for you. I’ve got to keep in mind to stay away from anything that has Green Tea in it as I was hauled off to the hospital a few years back as I passed out in hallway on Den, woke to tech in ambulance asking driver how far we were from hospital as I was turning blue on dnd he couldn’t get a vein going. I had gotten clot as Green Tea and coumadin do not work together. I had seen article at clinic regarding this and asked the nurses in Internal Med abou it. They didn’t know that 2 interacted with each otherand told me to go ahead and drink it as they would just reajust the coumadin i was taking. Well long story shot it didn’t work that way wih me. So after bing in ICU for abou 3 days til I was STABLE, then reg room I think I leart the hard way. Now I ck and double ck ingredients on things. Great news for you tho!!

    1. Oh my gosh, that is horrible! So glad you got to the hospital in time and the Dr’s accommodated your medical needs, Laurie. I drink Green Teas (and flowered teas) for the calming and weight loss properties.

      This post is about the Dove Soap, that has cucumber and green tea scents and extracts. I don’t know if you’d be able to use the soap topically. You’d have to contact your doctor!

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