Gorgeous, Modern Console Table


Another big sale item on Amazon! I’ve had my eyes on this for years and this one was on sale for 27% off the normal price, so I snagged this up. I was wanting the metal four poster bed, but that price went up. With sales, you’ve got to keep your mind open and change of plans at the last minute.

The delivery was on time but just left in the open in front of my door. Thankfully, I was home. Putting the table together was a biiitch. The screws were just long enough to get 2-3 threads inside the outside nut, so it is very wobbly. I had to lean the glass side legs against the bar stools to get the screws in, which wouldn’t take at first. I was going to get a second table as a desk in the bedroom but I’m looking at other tables and desks instead. Cheaper and simpler to put together.

But, this looks great and the refurbished led tv (vastly reduced price) will be coming tomorrow! Slowly putting my life back together a piece at a time. IF you want to see what else I have in mind for the apartment, view my Amazon Furniture wish list, here:


I have listed in priority and you can drop the menu down to highest to lowest. I’ve decided to go for luxury (within my price range) because I’m almost 50 and think I deserve better quality merchandise. These three items, the aforementioned five foot ottoman (that was 65% off), this table and the tv, will take six months to pay off on amazon and a credit card.

I’ve updated my linkedin profile and been looking for per diem writing gigs, just a little to help. I’m still writing the dream book, if you’ve been following my twitter feed. Recent events have prevented me from writing the past three to four weeks and i’ve been preventing a meltdown.

By Brick ONeil

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