2018 New Year New You

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Want to start off wishing you a Happy 2018 after a stressful 2017. So many venues are picking up the ‘New Year New You’ so thought i’d pick up on it as well. Time for evaluating those resolutions, dropping those that don’t work, keeping those that do.

Last New Years, like so many, I resolved to lose weight. I also decided that 2017 was a time to protect my health-emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and I did. I divorced, moved away and cocooned myself. During that time, I started the new year at 180 and resolved to lose 30 pounds by July 4th. Didn’t quite make it, but I did lose fifteen pounds and was quite proud of myself. I ended the year at 160 (after gorging on holiday foods).

I’m starting 2018 at 160, my goal is 145. Why 145? All the age-height charts state my ideal weight is 145. Really, they gave a range of 118 to 159. Yeah, I laughed too. 118? I’m a middle age man, not a wafer tthin twink. One of my posts shows the fat percentage chart, https://brickoneil.com/2015/10/26/acceptable-body-measurements/  So that is one of my resolutions, to lose 15 more pounds, though i’d be happy at 150. My height is 5’6.5″, so losing the extra weight will help me breathe easier, less stress on my joints and give me that boost of energy.

What apps do I like? I like the Daily Workouts. Years ago, I started with the free versions of the apps. They all had the same exercises that my various physical therapists had me doing. So I eventually bought the pro versions. They do include upper body workouts, core and leg workouts. All the healthcare professionals suggest weight-based exercises and I do a 20-30 minute upper body routine. Before, I concentrated on losing weight to get my waist under 35″, but discovered that was just my body.  I then concentrated on upper body workouts, about 7 years ago, and successfully raised my chest from 39″ to 42″, taking the attention from my waist to my chest.

I also like the stretching and booty workouts from Sworkit pro. They also have the same exercises that previous physical therapists had me doing. Just be careful and talk to your health care provider about the exercises and your levels. For cardio, I do 30 minutes on my exercycle in the morning and sometimes 30 minutes in the evenings.

Food-wise, I’m continuing my Simple Healthy Fresh cooking style, low-carb and low-salt. My financial area is lower, due to raised rent, high utilities, credit cards, internet and so forth. I rely on readily dwindling food stamps, a local food bank for my dietary needs. I’m older and have more food allergies but I do what I can with what I have to work with. 2018 is all about a New You: make better choices with the foods you buy, choose healthier ways to cook the foods you have and eat slowly. I’ve been drinking coffee, decaf teas and water throughout 2017 and will continue to do that throughout 2018. What happens? Clearer skin, better digestion, more energy.

Social-wise, I’ve backed off social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Society-wise, i’m still a bit less declined to ‘get out there’, due to 75% loss of both hearing and speech discrimination. I still have to see a dentist, eventually an orthodontist then dental implants. But finances say that is still a pipe dream. There are other health issues to be done, so I’m got those on the list. I still deal with Major Depressive Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder and keep my eye on the horizon.

Here’s wishing you a New Year and New You.

By Brick ONeil

Author, Researcher, Writer: . Called 'a prolific writer' since 2001, work includes Blogging, Copywriting, Spreadsheets, Research, Proposals, Articles in the fields of real estate, dating, health, fitness, disease, disability, technology and food.

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