Happy February!

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We made it through the long year of January. Honestly, did January feel like it dragged for months to anyone else? February is finally here, the shortest month to slog through. Hat tip to everyone dealing with the cold and snow of Winter. My little Island in the corner of the world has had marvelous weather. 40s/50s–though I keep my heat down to 45 to save on electricity bills.

How are those resolutions going? I admit, I haven’t stuck to the daily exercises like I expected. No excuse, I just wanted to sleep and eat. I didn’t gain any weight so I’m counting that as a WIN! I can fit into my slimmer clothes, which feels great! Though, I now have four pairs of pants to take in so they fit again. Not really complaining and will be better able to afford to this fall. Something to look forward to.

I”m still eating on my Simple, Healthy, Fresh cookbook and meal planning. Basically no salt, no fried or fatty foods, limited dairy, wheat and beef products, more salads, low-carb fruits and vegetables, more leafy greens incorporated in my diet. I’ve been drinking a pot of either green or hibiscus teas in the afternoons (which help with lowering blood pressure and eating fat).

A big bit of news, I’m getting my two cats back! The humane society where I previously lived sent a letter that they were impounded from my ex (I have no idea what happened and have not heard anything) around mid-January, the letter took a few days to get to me. Then, my new community rallied around my boys and I will be seeing them this afternoon in their new home at the Animal Protection League of Friday Harbor! So grateful, as i’m not able to care for them due to all my health issues.

Great things are happening!

By Brick ONeil

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