Lost 14 lbs in Two Weeks


My inspiration was a friend who lost 27 pounds in less than two weeks using the Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie Plan. He added powders according to his health care practitioner and followed their advice. Since I have so many food allergies (carbs, dairy, histamine-foods), I used the fruits and vegetables I’m allowed to have. I also treated myself to no-dairy, low-carb chocolate cake (courtesy of Joy of Cooking), waffles (with a chicken pattie on top) and watermelon. I didn’t deprive myself and I didn’t feel any of the usual diet pitfalls that befall me on other diets I’ve tried.

I weighed 178  at my last Dr’s appointment and decided to start the Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies, two weeks ago today and now I”m at 164. I lost 8 pounds the first week, which was so gratifying and lost 6 pounds this second week.. I’m incorporating two small meals to complete my daily nutritional requirements I feel I’m getting my daily allowance of fruits, vegetables in the first of the day, so I can eat smart meals the other two times a day. The meals could be a small personal waffle (thanks to the personal YesChef mini waffle maker) and a chicken pattie; a big salad (my usual is 3-cup salads or 3 handfulls); a muskmelon with cottage cheese; or any other low-carb, low-starch meal. When I make waffles or biscuits, I use half white flour and half spelt flour, with water. That reduces the chances of allergic reactions.

I’m quite proud of the weight loss and will continue with the smoothies and sensible meals. I haven’t increased my exercise, cardio or weights (in fact, I’ve been a bit lazy).  My goal is 150, where my height/weight should be. Now the outside can reflect the inside.

By Brick ONeil

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