2018 Mid-Year


We’ve all made it to the middle of 2018!

Past updates have talked about those New Year’s Resolutions, your progress or lack thereof. Myself, I’ve had to re-adjust my goals many times, due to health issues, depression or cirucmstances. That is the great thing about life–you can adjust your goals at any time, for any reason. My hope is that you realize you’re not a failure for not achieving those unrealistic and unobtainable goals you may have set back on New Year’s Day. You get points for trying and making progress. Yes, it’s even progress if you realize what you’ve been working on isn’t working. What matters, is when you change your goals, habits and progress.

I’ve had to adjust my goals as I go along, with weight loss, diet due to health and so on.

So, Happy July 1st everyone!