Beware #eBay Chinese Jewelry Vendors

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After I moved and divorced my ex-husband, I spent a year and a half paying off or catching up on bills. During our marriage, he felt obligated in telling me how I was allowed to spend my social security disability checks. Now that I’m enjoying being by myself and have caught up on some of those past bills (that weren’t my fault), I realized I could now buy fashion rings on eBay that I was always told ‘no’ about. Last month I went on a (cheap) chinese jewelry buying spree, being careful with my money. I bought about 75 rings and received about 40 to date. Nearly 90% were what the advertisements promised. There were a handful that were not.

The Chinese vendors do return/refund your money, but there is a catch! To return the rings from the U.S. to China costs about $44. China offers free international shipping, which the vendors take advantage of. The U.S. does not and these eBay vendors take advantage of U.S. customers. The rings average $2.50 each and the cost to return the ring is exorbitant. I plan on bringing this to the attention of every Government office, from the FTC, the FCC, State Department, Governor and Attorney General’s offices. This is not fair to U.S. Consumers!

If you’ve been scammed by international vendors, let me know in the comments on my website’s blog post!

By Brick ONeil

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