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Last night was a night of Dreams. Interpretations and thoughts welcome.

I found myself on a large yacht, with floor to ceiling windows surrounding an open floor plan, out the windows the waves were choppy dark blue against a gray-black sky. The floor was some dark, black wood with seamless planks. A man was standing against the far window, I walked towards him and he turned when I was just feet from him. He was wearing a bespoke dark charcoal suit with a light gray dress shirt with a black silk tie. He was missing his eyes, his eyelids wrinkled and drawn. He spoke in with a smoky voice:

“You loved him. You need to see him. I’ve paid your $800 fare for you. Hand him this.” He shoved a piece of paper at me.

He turned around to face the waves and everything was gone. I opened my eyes and I was standing in someone’s backyard, Josh was standing and staring at me. He was wearing old, weathered jeans, a dark gray tshirt and a wide brimmed hat. The back of the house was a one-story, modest home and I knew it was his U-Shaped house with a central courtyard.

Josh was stunned to see me, he began: “I did love you, boo. How did you get here? I fell asleep, the guy said he paid my $500 fare and I was here, at home.”

I was stunned, unable to say anything at first. “There was a guy, he was blind, he paid my fare. He gave me this to give you.” I shoved the paper at Josh, he took a glance, upset.

“You need to go back, boo. It’s not your time.”

I startled awake, unsure of what just happened. I think I met Charon and he paid our fares.


Second Dream

Dark cherry wood walls and furniture surrounded me, a dark oak floor complimented the quite masculine aura of oversized dark brown leather furniture, cherry wood tables of various sized held statues, lamps and so on. The ceiling was painted a dark cream, with lighting that hugged the ceiling. I was standing in a hallway in the living area, with a dining area behind me in a turret room. I looked at the center of the room where a dark cream colored leather and microfiber couch caught my attention. Crawling out from underneath were two adult cats. One white with cream and gray highlights, another, black. They casually walked towards me, I ruffled their heads and the headed off somewhere.

Something caught my attention on a dark walnut bookshelf on the opposite wall. I walked over and saw four tiny white and cream kittens on the right side, about the size of my palm, on a nest of cashmere mufflers and scarves. One was lumped a bit higher, so I placed them asde. Underneath was a miniature kitten, no bigger than my thumb. I gently poked him with my index finger and he took hold as I brought my hand up to my face. He yawned, licked my finger and held on as I walked away somewhere. The other four went back to sleep. In an anteroom off the living area, was a handful of young cats gamboling and playing together.

I guess I’m yours, I told the miniature kitten and he yawned again.


By Brick ONeil

Author, Researcher, Writer: . Called 'a prolific writer' since 2001, work includes Blogging, Copywriting, Spreadsheets, Research, Proposals, Articles in the fields of real estate, dating, health, fitness, disease, disability, technology and food.

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