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Mid-January I purchased the Ulvench Fitness Tracker ID115U because my Samsung Galaxy Gear S was no longer visible in direct sunlight, which defeated the purpose of wearing it. I didn’t want to spend hundreds on another smartwatch or tracker and the Ulvench Tracker was thin enough on the wrist, performing the basic functions I wanted. Plus, it was 20% off of $20, making the final price $16. Much better.

I posted on social media when it arrived and Ulvench reached out to me to test the Ulvench Fitness Tracker Plus. This tracker has more whistles and bells than the basic step tracker, so I agreed. Here is the week in review:

Day One:

Arrived quickly in USPS mail, immediately recharged by placing in notebook’s USB port, taking an hour, approximately.

Day Two:

Started one-on-one with my Galaxy Gear S, both on my wrist. Had to remove and re-download the Ulvench fitness app, VeryFitPro from the google store, after binding with the original basic Ulvench Step Tracker. When the app reloaded and rebinded with the Ulvench Tracker Pro, I built my profile, the app updated to the most current version.

What I love about this Tracker Pro is you can choose any three activities/exercises out of 14 for the watch. Since I don’t run, I chose walking, fitness (weights) and spinning (exercycle). With the Gear S, there are only four standard options-walking, hiking, running, cycling. They do not allow you to choose for the watch but you can add any exercise on the S Health app. I have noticed the Ulvench tracks 150 more steps per day than the Gear S. Ulvench has basic fitness tracking for my dumbbell workouts, unlike the Gear S. It approximates how many kcal you burn.

I enabled all the notifications for the Ulvench, alongside the Gear S. Both notified me of texts and email (I do not have calling enabled on my phone due to my significant hearing loss). Both have alarms for anything you choose and both have a ‘nag me’ option to get moving after an hour of being sedentary.

The Ulvench tracks heart rate about on average with the Gear S, no complaints, the Ulvench basic tracker does not have the heart rate monitoring and tracks more steps than the Gear S–using wrist sweep motion for steps. The baskc Ulvench tracker uses wrist movement which isn’t helpful if you like your hands in pockets; the Gear S and Ulvench Tracker Plus uses GPS, which is more accurate than wrist tracking movement. However, I’ve noticed the Ulvench is sometimes 150-200 steps off from the Gear S.

Day Three:

Ulvench has a lower profile than the Gear S, meaning sits lower on the wrist. This is more comfortable to wear throughout the day and at night. I’ve never worn the Gear S at night for sleep mode but the Ulvench is so slight, I don’t feel it. The tracker does indeed track deep, light and awake sleep modes. Discovering I have average 2 hours deep sleep, 4 1/2 hours light sleep and 40 minutes awake time at night.

Day Four:

Haven’t tested the remote camera because I do not have a use for it. There isn’t a way to prop up my Note 8 to take a picture remotely. Great the option is there for others who have the need for remote picture taking, though.

Regular on Steps and Spinning mode throughout exercising. Spinning mode keeps track of heart rate during exercycling. Meeting expectations.

Day Five:

By now I’ve accumulated enough data to see my averages for activity, sleep and heart rate. The Gear S also has a log of each as well, so the inexpensive Ulvench is doing the same job as the more expensive Gear S. The Ulvench is well made, feeling strong and secure on my wrist. I’m not concerned about the strap coming loose or accidently banging the watch face. I’ve had the Gear S five years and it, too, is strong–but it should be, it was vastly more expensive when new.

Day Six:

Battery still going strong at 30%, all notifications have been coming through perfectly, like the Gear S. I’m impressed with the battery life of this Ulvench Tracker Plus.

Day Seven:

Charged the Ulvench Plus last night before bed and less than 12 hours later the battery has lost 21%, so not sure it will last another six days like originally charged and wore. It may be battery degradation or could be a fluke. Still, the smarttracker has been great at doing what it does best: tracking steps, activity, sleep and heart rate. The log files give me data for the duration of time.

Having the Ulvench HR Plus 115HRPlus the past week has been great. It has kept up with my five year old Gear S, tracking the same things. The counts have been off a little but not something that would prevent me from wearing it. If someone were a professional athlete, perhaps there are other trackers you would prefer. The majority of people are just average exercisers, wanting a rough count of their steps per day and trying to meet daily goals for step count, heart rate and sleep times.

Ulvench Direct has provided a 30% off code!

The Claim code is: BOBBQ369 (30% off) at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DW476SJ/?coliid=I154B2NYS10MCA&colid=KTJEP5DSVXXF&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

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