11 Weeks Keto and Pyramid Workouts

Today marks 11 weeks I started Keto and ramping up my dumbbell workouts and 2 weeks ago started pyramid dumbbell workouts. Measured my stats this morning and had a little bit of an ego boost! While my weight isn’t going down (as I’ve discussed before) my measurements have improved.

Chest went from 41″ to 43″
Waist went from 39″ to 36″
Butt went from 39″ to 37″ (unfortunately).

I’m very happy with the results of my progress with Keto. I wrote a poem about the foods I can’t have due to keto, allergies (Diabetes, IBS, Rosacea, Immunosuppressants, heart issues):

Grains, Greens,
Dairy, Rices, Beans,
Potassium, Histamines.

The results have been great! I feel more energetic (spring and summer sunlight certainly helps), happier than I have over last fall and winter.

PS: I love pearls! I bought four 80″ pearl strands from Jewelry Television: white, gray, peach and black. This is your ONE life, live how you want because no one else is paying your bills.