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Piel Leather Cross Body Tote, Chocolate


Since I met my New Year’s Resolutions in 2019, I treated myself to a new Day Bag. How did I get the money? Since paying off bills I was left with after my divorce in 2017 and after rebuilding my confidence and self-esteem (that took two years), I started saving money to relocate back to Seattle (to get closer to healthcare for my needs). As you know, if you are on any Social Security Disability Income, you are not allowed to have over $2,000 in savings, property, help. So, when I started getting over that amount (not easy on SSDI, one has to do without a lot), I had to spend the money or start losing income. That is why I bought/replaced items I lost during my marriage in 2018-2019.

This year, I’m spoiling myself! I had already bought myself a Conquer Walking Pad for my Christmas present last year. My stamina is not that great, with all my health issues, so I cannot just ‘take a walk’, then i’d be stuck miles from home, not able to get back. Now I can use the walking pad treadmill the collapse on the metal chaise I bought in 2018. The treadmill is a finicky little thing, having to mess with the pad with the allen wrench, but it is so nice to be able to exercise at home. I use the walking pad and my exercycle to get my cardio in every day.

So, this year, I bought the Fold-Over Cross Body Piel Leather (my favorite manufacturer of Leather goods) tote. From my Amazon Review:

Rich, Chocolate Leather Fold-over Cross Body Tote,

Size: 15x9x5

What struck me first when opening the box was the rich, chocolate leather! The design is eye-catching with the fold-over top. I graduated from my 8x9x6 Piel Messenger bag, needing something a bit bigger. As I get older, the more health and medical items I need to carry. The smaller messenger bag just wasn’t working anymore.

The two front pockets are narrow depth, but just big enough for a few smartphones, narrow wallet (I bought the Piel Leather mid-range Passport Wallet in Apple to fit in the front pocket). The third pocket has a one inch depth, where I put a small umbrella and sunglasses. On the back side is another narrow pocket for paper, misc items and so on. Inside the bag, the bottom is 15 inches by six, the depth narrowing up nine inches towards the fold. The fold is another eight inches, so technically, you could use the full 15 by 17 inches. The strap brings the tote to your midsection, around your hip.

Inside, I fit another small Piel Leather bag, a canvas and leather one I bought (on Amazon), 7×6 inches for daily items-charger cords and so on, another small bag that carries emergency health care items. I’ve ordered the above passport wallet, an apple green ladies wristlet to carry diabetic supplies and a green coin carrier with slot for DL/Buss Pass/Credit Card (I trade off with other small, thin wallets). The tote an also hold a huge metal water bottle (bought on Amazon as well) and a coffee/tea traveler. I can also fit an ereader inside.

By Brick ONeil

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  1. You are soooo great. We are living a part time in Spokane Valley, Washington. Here we are using a 5th wheel. We also go to our home in Lake Ozark, MO. It’s supposed to have a lot of snow the rest of this week and most of next week so we have to wait a bit to make sure we won’t have a bad bad way. I love you bunches. ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! Very appreciated-last few years were hard work in every aspect. Glad you split your time between homes via RV and hope you miss all the snow and bad weather. Here’s wishing you guys fair weather and easy roads.

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