New Changes for 2020+

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New changes for 2020+, decided to divide my clothes into seasons, L-R, Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer. Summer only looks like a lot, 85% of summer are tshirts, some with logos. Not counting those, I have three. But, to me, looks like a good, basic wardrobe. I have 5 pants tho, but enough to divide into the seasons. I count jeans as neutral or all seasons.

I used this article,, to separate my clothes for the seasons. I wont reiterate what the author described, but I found the information valuable. basically, Winter colors are the darker jewel tones-to remind us of the happy ornaments of a tree. Spring is for the lighter, pastel colors of new budding trees and flowers. Summer is for the bright, happy colors that make us smile. Fall is for the mid-range of colors of falling leaves. Some colors can be for more than one season, in addition, I feel similar colors can be for many seasons, take for example-yellows.

There are many colors of yellow, from lemon to mustard. The article separates the shades into seasons, but for those of us on a limited budget, we can stretch most any color to two or three seasons. One bright yellow, I’d wear in Summer and Fall; another green, I’d wear Spring and Winter. Other colors, like light browns and tans, can be all season or year round. Also, blacks, browns, grays can be all season or year round. You can also buck the trend by wearing an orange or yellow out of season–you’re an individual, this is your time to shine!

By Brick ONeil

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