I give Poshmark a D+ as a Buyer

Poshmark showed up on my Google research for small bags to put into a larger tote, having achieved the age of 50 last year. I need to carry more things now that I’m older and my small 8×9 bag wasn’t cutting it anymore. On Poshmark, here has been my experience.

When you buy something, clutches and totes in my case, the sellers either chose to accept my paying their full asking or a sales price they email you. On the sale page  you don’t see shipping information. You have to go deep into the seller’s  profile to their ‘about’ section. Poshmark gives sellers the option to ship out your purchase 1-3 days. This doesn’t mean you get your purchase in 1-3 days, a seller can choose to take up to five days to ship your purchase out. Here’s what happened to my purchases.

The first five purchases, three of the sellers refused to even acknowledge my existence. That’s right, they didn’t even ship out my purchases. The second five purchases, two  of the sellers refused to acknowledge I bought an item from them for five days, then they shipped my purchase out. The third set of five, only one refused to ship out my purchase. What did Poshmark do?  Poshmark did nothing, just easy, soothing words to keep me quiet, but refused to reply when asked if the sellers would face any consequences of not shipping an item I had bought. My money was in a wait-status with Poshmark, then when I hit accept on the purchasing page, the money is released to the seller.

As a buyer, Poshmark allows you to get your money back after 10 days. Read that again. Sellers ‘must’ ship  out in 7 days, which isn’t made available to buyers readily, then the mysterious three days unaccounted for, finally, you get your money back. There are no repercussions to buyers who refuse to sell their merchandise. They can use  their bias and discrimination to refuse to sell to you. You just take your chances with sellers and their merchandise.

After you buy your item, sellers can take up to seven days to ship out–though most of my sellers shipped out within the three days, some took five days. This is now in the ‘Awaiting Shipment’ phase, which can take up  to five business days. USPS marks the items ‘Waiting for Prescan’, which can take another three to five days, as has been in all my purchases. Now after this wait period, it is marked ‘Shipping’, which has taken my packages up to 5 days to reach me. So it is possible to take two weeks to get your ‘three day shipping’ item.

Poshmark customer service wasn’t pro-consumer, in my case. Basically saying, ‘what can we do’ and throwing their hands in the air when sellers refused to sell me an item or ship out in a timely manner. Some sellers were quite belligerent about refusing to sell or ship out. Poshmark doesn’t want buyers to communicate with sellers and doesn’t encourage sellers to communicate with buyers. When I repeatedly tried to tweet Poshmark, I was blocked.

Maybe you’re a seller who ships within the retail world norm of two business days, communicates extensively with your buyers. That’s great! You’re a 5-star seller, IMHO. But there are many more lazy, slothful, self-centered sellers out there who are giving you a bad name and Poshmark doesn’t care.

Poshmark has a long way to go before they are on Amazon’s, eBay’s and Etsy’s steller levels.

By Brick ONeil

Author, Researcher, Writer: . Called 'a prolific writer' since 2001, work includes Blogging, Copywriting, Spreadsheets, Research, Proposals, Articles in the fields of real estate, dating, health, fitness, disease, disability, technology and food.

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