Men’s Fashion: Bags and Clutches

Clutches, Foldover Clutches and Wallets

Men’s fashion is changing with the 21st century and men across America should get with the program. I’m talking about what to use when carrying ‘just the basics’.

My basics are two smartphones, a thin wallet, my keys and carmex. Guys have choices these days (maybe not in conservative rural areas, but prove me wrong). I don’t know about you, but when I tried carrying the basics in my pants pockets, the phones, wallet, keys and carmex weigh my pants down so they fall down to my ankles. They are too bulky to just carry in both hands. I was carrying the 8×9″ messenger bag everywhere and it does fine for just the basics but at times was just in the way. I was looking for something smaller that I could put in larger bags, for when I have to carry more.

Read my Amazon reviews:

Enter the clutches. Now, as I’ve said before in the first post last week, don’t be put off by a name or term. Clutches is just a catch-all for different types of bags to carry. In fact, there are men’s clutches on Amazon. Go look, they’re all black or brown. No color, no texture, no different styles. In the first post last week, I gave the names of the clutches I found on Amazon, gostwo, artwelll, lecxci, and so on. They come in different seasonal colors, as seen above. Now that February is upon us, I’m using the red bags (including the red bucket bag in the previous post) until after Valentines Day.

The clutches come in basic sizes, 8.5-9.5 by 5.5-6.5 inches. They are unadorned, plain bags, which suit me fine, except for the faux-Burberry, which anyone can carry. These bags are either one open pocket  or have a zippered pocket dividing the inside (I really do not care for the dividing pocket and wish cutting it out would not damage the clutch). Below is a high-end Piel Leather Saddle clutch, with three compartments. I believe this is unisex enough for both en and women to carry. I do have a less expensive three section clutch I carry when I don’t want to announce that I have an expensive one. Read review here:

Piel Leather 9×5 Three Compartment Clutch

To find them, you’ll have to go to the women’s sections online and in ever dwindling brick-and-mortar-stores. You can either carry them separately or put in a larger seasonal bag. (The bucket bag is just too small to carry everything, however. Still looking for an inexpensive larger bright  red tote). Speaking of carrying, they usually include a longer crossbody strap you can use as is or shorten it to a shorter  shoulder bag, bringing the clutch to your hip, just under your armpit or bicep. There is usually also included a wristlet strap, so when you carry it across the top, would-be robbers will not get away with it. Or you can carry as is, without any straps. Sometimes you have to buy a separate strap, as the below clutches did not include one. I’ll discuss foldover clutches in another article.

All season Cognac and Mustard Foldover Clutch with added strap. All season blue striped and tan foldover clutch with added strap.

At 50 years of age now, It’s time I realized I stopped worrying what other people are saying. I realize they have their own lives to worry about and are probably not talking or thinking about me whatsoever. If they are, they are in the perfect spot-dwelling in their own misery, bringing others down with them, not me.

So, in 2020, I would like you to start living your life!

Until next the next article.


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