Men’s Fashion: Foldover Clutches

Last week I talked about basic bags and clutches to carry your basics around, phones, wallets, keys, etc. They are great to grab and go if  you want to keep from filling your pants pockets. This week, I’m discussing their larger cousins, foldover clutches. They come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors, seasonal or all season. Personally, I like basic, unadorned, plain foldovers. Previously I have covered what colors and seasons go together and will touch on which these are under. They can be carried alone or in a larger bag, if you desire to separate items in your larger bag. As I have stated previously, do not let a name or title turn you off from buying. These are a godsend in carrying your basics throughout the day.

Size-wise, they are between 9-14 inches wide, folded over they are 5-7 inches tall and open from 10-14 inches tall. They can have a shoulder strap or not. Foldover clutches can carry quite a bit. Let’s say you’re leaving with just the basics but plan on buying several small items during the day. They fold out so you can carry quite a bit. Most are made from either real leather or a polyurethane (PU) leather. One isn’t any better or worse than the other and many times, unable to tell the difference.


These are the small foldover clutches, by Stella and Dot. As you can see, one is navy blue stripes with tan leather, the other is a metallic gray and punch out gray leather. They both are all-season clutches, meaning can be carried all year round. They both have shoulder straps, to range from a crossbody, to shoulder to hand held, or remove the strap altogether.  Below they are open, inside the fold with zip pocket and outside.


Next are the medium foldover clutches made by Express (red) and unknown (dark teal).  The red can be carried in Winter and Summer, the Teal can be all season clutch, but more Winter. I have two Express Foldovers the red and a dark sapphire (you can see both with the bag, clutch and wallet photo above or in the earlier post). The teal has a snap ‘slip’ pocket on the inside seen in the first photo. I have said I like basic, plain and unadorned bags and clutches but I do not mind the tassels. Honestly, a bit of fashion hasn’t killed anyone yet. Plus, they’re a bit fun and delights the five year old in me.



Below are the large Steve Madden foldover clutches, one in mustard and cognac and the other in black and cognac.  The can be any season clutches, going with any outfit. These can carry quite a bit, your basics plus.

By Brick ONeil

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