Men’s Fashion: Hobo Totes

When buying bags for these series of articles in Men’s Fashion Bags, I found that Hobo bags are a great value. I started with the Lemon Yellow Piel Hobo Tote in the background. One early morning at 1 am or so, I perused my Amazon Wish List of Piel Leather. This Hobo was on a drastically reduced sale and pounced. This bag is not a disappointment!

Yellow Hobo Piel Leather tote reivew here:

The middle bag is made by Kilamal Hobo Tote, I bought on Ebay for a bit more than Amazon sells it for. I wanted to increase the Neutrals that I have in stock, and this Hobo fit the bill.  You can read the thorough review here:

The foreground bag is another Piel Leather Hobo Tote that was on another reduced sale on Amazon, it was sold as new but arrived in obviously used condition. Amazon did the right thing and refunded my purchase. However the bag is another large hobo that I can add to my Neutrals to increase my choice. The color is Toffee, halfway between Tan and Coffee, which I love.

The review here,

All the Hobo totes are the same general shape, a ‘U’ shape, around 15-20 inches wide, 10-12 inches tall at the narrowest and around 5 inches in depth. They can hold quite a bit of your belongings, enough to get you through any day or use as a weekender, in a pinch. (For weekenders, see my American Tourister Midnight Blue duffle bag, the Piel Leather Apple Green Duffle or the upcoming Forever 21 White duffle bag).

I also bought matching coordinating bags for each Hobo Tote, a foldover clutch, a basic clutch and a matching wallet.  The Yellow Hobo Tote by Piel Leather is more used as a Summer bag but more and more Yellow is worn as a year round color, so don’t be afraid to stretch your horizons. I had a difficult time buying a matching yellow foldover clutch on Poshmark. I tried twice with two different sellers. Neither one bothered to ship my item, acknowledge my purchase or communicate with me. Poshmark eventually did refund my money, but two weeks later. My search continues.

I talked about Neutrals and this dark gray is certainly a neutral, but the dark colors are usually found in Winter. The great thing about grays are the usability. Gray matches with any color, bright, pastel, muted and dark colors. The Toffee is another great Neutral, in both the brown and cream families, so be adventurous and start using more Neutrals in your bag colors.

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