Self-Care During Corvid 19


Being a medically vulnerable person during the Corvid  19 Pandemic, I have to take care of myself, as many others have to do. What I’m doing is taking vitamin supplements, adding roasted garlic to casseroles, soups or by itself. We do all we can to stay at least as healthy as we can with the health issues we must fight daily, some even hourly.  There is the advice we hear ad-nauseum: eat healthy, exercise, lose weight, etc. So we fight.

Last year I lost 20 pounds, the old fashioned way: slowly and surely. This year the weight has been holding steady. Plus eating the Paleo Way: lean, low-fat proteins, low-carb and low-starch vegetables and fruits, taking Vitamin C and D supplements. During Covid 19, I’ve been roasting garlic bulbs in a square of foil with either Olive Oil or Canola Oil, then adding the caramelized cloves to casseroles, soups or making a garlic soup itself. Sometimes I whisk an egg or two in the Roasted Garlic broth.

When out and about, I carry my anti-bacterial gel hand sanitizer, ever since I received my kidney transplant in 2003. I attach the gel bottle via carabiner to the handle of my bag. I wash my hands and try not to touch my face, especially difficult having a rare, mild form of Rosacea that causes level 3 itching and pain 24/7 (up to a level 8 pain if I don’t watch what I eat).

So take care of yourselves, do what you  must to stay healthy.

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By Brick ONeil

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