Updated Review: Asus Transformer T100HA


March 20, 2020 Update 4: **** 4 Stars

The Asus Transformer T100HA (2015, the Aqua computer on the right) has increased in usability value over the past few years, so the Transformer earns another 2 stars back. Thanks, in part, to continued Microsoft Updates, the T100HA has been running Windows 10 Home with all current updates succesfully. The issues I had talked about previously have all but disappeared. Also, in major thanks, to uninstalling Chrome and Installing Opera browser, removed the dreaded and continuous BSODs I had been having. Microsoft’s Edge browser is abysmal, on any computer–android or windows. Asus themselves have sent a few updates to this old 2N1! computer and the bluetooth, restarting issues have been resolved. Now, 5 years later, the computer is slow with a 1.44 ghz processor and 4 gb (not upgradable) RAM. I have a Dell 3542 that has a 1.44 ghz procoessor as well and it is slow too, but It was upgradable from 4 gb RAM to 8 gb RAM, which helps, marginally. I think this Asus T100HA will be useful for at least another year or so.

Update 3: 2016 Removing another star. After using a few months, I still stand by my original review. I’m still using as my main computer but there are significant drawbacks. Keyboard is slow, sticky, keys skip/add at will, I have to unhinge/remove keyboard from tablet to get keyboard working again. This also is happening with much frequency. BSOD: happening with more frequency now. If I’m using more than one Microsoft Edge window and a Microsoft office app, the device will throw down a BSOD and reboot. In addition to the powering up issues, this is almost unbearable. All the Asus and Microsoft updates have been installed. BIOS was too damn complicated for me to understand to update. For us non-technically inclined, Tech Support and Tech power users can sound condescending. I don’t need to deal with that. Bluetooth does turn on, and can be discovered by other devices, but just can’t be used. Was going to transfer photos and files from my Note Edge to the Asus Transformer but couldn’t find a way to actually transfer the files from the Note Edge to the Transformer. What is the point of having Bluetooth if I can’t fully utilize it? I’ve read other reviews that other users have had trouble with Bluetooth as well. Would have liked to rename the Transformer’s Bluetooth name but could was blocked from doing so. Another drawback. Though I only paid $138 for the Transformer, with my credits and sale price, I feel I overpaid. A device should be working as promised, even months later.

Update 2: 2016 Removing a star. Getting harder and harder to turn on now. The blank, black screen appears 2 or 3 times now before the unit will turn on. I press the power button, the ASUS logo comes up, then a light black screen. This happened twice then the BSOD came up. This is happening each and every time I turn the unit on. I bought it used, so there was only a 30 day warranty. You get what you pay for. The keyboard is slow to respond as well. Still great for light use.

UPDATE: 2015 One issue has popped up. Turning on the tablet each time there is the Asus logo then a light black screen. Then nothing. The Transformer fails to load anything. Next is holding down the power button for 30 seconds to power off, then pressing for another 30 seconds to turn back on. This is frustrating each and every time the tablet powers down during the day.

I actually bought one of the last used Aqua Blue units since I’m replacing my original Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101, being too slow now with 1G processor and 1G Ram. I’d loved my previous Asus but the Android OS gave me a lot of trouble (see review on my wall) so having Microsoft Windows 10 was a huge bonus. I was going to wait and buy the T101HA when it came out but when I saw the specs were lower than this, I jumped at the chance when the used price was $249. Amazon gave me credit on some tech I had as a trade-in (but they didn’t want the TF101, so I’ll repurpose that). Plus I received credit for opening accounts with them, bringing the price down to $168. Being an author and writer, I just needed a newer portable computer to write on and my 15" Dell is too large to comfortably take anywhere and the Fire HD 8 5th Gen with keyboard is just too small to work on comfortably.

When the Transformer Book arrived, I spent the first four or so hours updating Microsoft software and Asus software. I let the battery completely run out, then recharged overnight to 100% to start fresh. The battery lasted 7 1/2 hours with wifi on the whole time, using the Edge browser and Mail running. After about four hours the computer shut itself off and rebooted then at the six hour mark completely froze, causing me to do a hard reboot. During the test, I used MS Word, Google Docs and Google spreadsheets, which was handled perfectly.

The tablet is top heavy and tends to turn over when on my lap but is more stable on a flat surface. The keyboard is flimsy when held by the corners and you can press both top and bottom inside when holding. The keyboard will take time to get more comfortable using. I accidently closed the screen a few times somehow when typing. I didn’t use any SD cards or HDMI cable during the testing so I can’t comment on speed or use. What attracted me to the T100HA was the 1.44G processer (with boosting up to 2G) and the 4G Ram. The unit is speedy if you single-task only and does tend to slow down with opening several applications simultaneously and freezing issues noted above.

When removing the tablet from the keyboard, the screen switches to portrait automatically and speedily. I read several articles and switched between websites often. But the onscreen keyboard did not show when needed. Reattaching the tablet to the keyboard did not slow down recognition. I like the white keys because they are more visible when writing at night, with the screen reflecting on the keys, making typing easier.

Sound was ok on the videos that automatically played on the Edge browser (which I despise) but I am not a big music or video fan being hearing impaired. I do not play resource heavy games nor watch movies/videos, so this is a moot point for me. The tablet is a bit lighter weight at 2.28 pounds including keyboard than the 2.8 pound TF101. I love the Aqua Blue of the T100HA, I wanted something different than boring black or gravity gray that you see everywhere.

I feel this was a terrific bargain for someone like me that just needs a lightweight tablet for writing and internet use.

By Brick ONeil

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