Men’s Fashion: Bi-Seasonal Bags

Hello again, I had debated about continuing the Men’s Fashion Bag articles, since there hasn’t been much feedback here on the website nor on social media venues that are left and post the articles: mainly LinkedIn, Tumber and Twitter. Facebook has been blocking my articles for some reason. There isn’t much for me to post about Covid19 or coronavirus since there is a glut of information out there. I have posted about my 22 years of self-isolation and self-quarantine due to my varied health issues,

In that vein, this Men’s Fashion article starts the Bi-Annual or Bi-Seasonalbags articles. This means, if you just want a couple of bags to carry your things in, this is for you.  I’ve started with the blues, the springtime blues with the baby blue tote is here, and the Winter Blues article can be found here

For the Spring and Summer seasons, I would suggest this baby blue Piel Leather tote:


The Piel Leather tote is my favorite so far, I think. It is a baby blue authentic leather 18 inches wide by 9 inches tall and 5 inches deep (filled). There is chocolate leather trim for the straps and the bottom. I bought it on eBay, the Piel Leather price new was about $275; the eBay seller’s price was 38, down from 48. This was a great buy, imho. I love  totes this size, long, short and deep. I really do not like backpacks or other long, deep verticle bags. I hate digging for something that has migrated to the bottom of the bag. I have been using this bag for a few weeks now. The spring foldover clutch is a multi-blue, camel and white. Previous articles have discussed clutches, and  

The smaller bag, or clutch, is one to use every day for the absolute basics. I like the smaller bags and clutches to carry my two smartphones, slim wallet, keys and carmex. Why don’t I just shove everything into my pants pockets? I have narrow hips so my pants drop to my ankles if pockets are full.  I also have the light blue wallet above to go with the spring-summer blue theme.

For your Fall-Winter bag, you see the Piel Leather 3 compartment tote in Navy. I like this bag because of the deceptively small size, 16 inches by 11 inches by 6   inches.  My Amazon review is found on the above link for Winter Blues. One of the narrow outside compartments can carry a small laptop, as in my Asus Transformer book T100HA, magazines, papers, files or other narrow items. The center compartment is used for smaller bags and clutches that I discuss here, in the second half of the article about what smaller bags and clutches I put in the totes,

The Sapphire foldover clutch is really more of a Spring clutch, however, I’m not buying a special Sapphire Tote to justify carrying the clutch. If anyone wants to gift me a Sapphire Tote, I would not object. The smaller Navy clutch is used as the daily Fall-Winter bag, just like the light blue one is for Spring-Summer, with a matching Sapphire slim wallet.

So as you can see,  you can still be fashionable with just two totes and assorted bags in your Seasons.

Until next article,


By Brick ONeil

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