Men’s Fashion: Winter End Of Season Roundup

Just decided to write an article on the Winter End of Season Roundup for Men’s Fashion Bags. I had four bags I used and loved each one. Here they are:

This was the first Winter bag I used, a treat I bought myself for adhering to my New Year’s Resolution in 2019. This is the Piel Leather Crossbody Foldover Tote in Dark Chocolate, reviewed here

The second bag I used was the Piel Leather Dark Navy 3-pocket tote to which I added a black crossbody strap, which can hold quite a bit! It may be a bit too large, frankly but I loved that it was so versatile. Reviewed here

This brought me to February and Valentines Month! I bought this Piel Leather 12×12 two compartment tote with outside zip pockets. The tiny bag could hold more than I thought, reviewed here

For the last 3 weeks of Winter, this Piel Leather Carry-All Market Tote was on a bargain sale , so I naturally snatched it up! This is a basic tote with no outside pockets and with a small 3×4 attached bag inside, reviewed here

These were the bags I used for Winter 19-20 and loved carrying them. The Winter bags for 20-21 will be the Navy, the second darker red tote and two different hobo bags (found in the first bag article).  I’m hoping by sharing and writing articles about these and my other bags, that guys will open their minds to different colors and shapes of bags for the seasons. All these bags have bee previously reviewed and shared here and on Amazon. Feel free to search around my blog here for other Men’s Fashion articles.

Until next article,


By Brick ONeil

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