Men’s Fashion: Daily Bag Items

Above are my  need-to-carry items if I’m going to be gone for more than a few hours during the day or overnight.

Behind everything is the wide Brown Piel Leather Dopp kit I bought years ago. I was using it as my daily bag but was a bit too large and awkward. Now I use it to change from bag to bag, carrying a small folding umbrella, sunglasses and wallet with discount store cards. The red Piel Leather cylindar clutch is really a dopp kit! I’m using it as my emergency medical kit, with allergy-free eye drops, kleenex, nitroglycerin for heart issues, inhaler, mouth drops, sunscreen, prosacea gel, carmex and tylenol. The pink package on the left after the red clutch is the Garnier Micellar facial wipes. Since I have rosacea, my face can itch and burn when out in public. Now with Corvid19, I cant simply scratch my face or rub my eyes. Now I must use sanitizer gel for my hands, then use a facial wipe for the itching. Can’t be too careful!

The sanitizer gel is after the green clutch, which  you know I repaired the back cat scratches by painting the whole thing a dark brown. This clutch is used for my insulin pens, used needle caps, new needle caps will be thrown in. My daily medication containers will be put in the green Charming Charlie bag. I can’t count the times I’ve been stuck on a transit bus without medications. The black nylon bag above the green one is for all the charging cables for the two smartphones, ereaders and computers I sometimes carry.

On the right after the green Charming Charlie clutch is one of the two phones I carry, a Moto E5 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 (which I used to take the picture). These are my daily must carry items, along with the keys, carmex and wallet. The wallet I change out with  the seasons, for example, I’ll be changing the Navy Blue wallet I used for Winter to a Baby Blue for this first month of Spring. For these daily items, I use the smaller clutches, sometimes they are too small and I’m forced to leave the Moto E5 Plus at home. Why don’t I just put these  items in my pants pockets? I have slim hips, so they weigh my pants down, causing them to  fall down to my ankles.

The last item is my hearing aid case, the round smiley one, extra batteries, which I’ll carry in the Piel Leather 7  inch  Apple Green wristlet.

To all this, I sometimes carry a Kindle ereader and/or my 2N1 10 inch laptop computer, depending on how large the bag I’m carrying is. You’ve seen the pictures of all the bags in previous articles, and can see some are quite a bit larger than others.

I love Spring and love bags! Now I can use a bag for the right season! Now get out there and find your all-season or Spring bag and share in a pic below!

Until next article,


By Brick ONeil

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