Men’s Fashion: Backpacks


Backpacks have long been men’s ubiquitous go-to bag in life. Whether to carry gym clothes and shoes, papers and items for work, lunch and music, the backpack became men’s lifeline. I have said before I do not care for backpacks but I have used before. The long, deep package can be a nightmare, when you’re looking for a item. Where does that thing you need right now end up? The bottom, so you’re bouncing on one leg, the other a 90 degree table where you’re elbow deep, sweating and cramping your thigh, trying to find your needed item.  This is why I like tote bags that I have written about in previous articles here on

However, I recognize that backpacks are great for bulky, large items to carry to the postoffice, hardware store, package mailing store, bookstore and carrying bigger items back from the grocery store and aforementioned stores. Going from left to right is the Spring baby blue, Summer bright color buffalo checks, Fall dark background with gemstone colors and Winter black with dark, rich colors. In front is an all-season backpack in shades of green.  Some are bigger than others and that’s ok. If I have a large item to carry, I’ll grab the extra-large mesh shopping bags that were freebies a decade or so ago.

I rarely use a backpack but they are there if I need them.  Share in the blog’s comments what your backpack is!

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By Brick ONeil

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