Men’s Fashion: Camel Calvin Klein Reversible Tote

Time for a new Spring Bag, this is the fourth Spring Bag, the Calvin Klein Sonoma North/South Reversible Tote, made in a PVC material. Purchased from Poshmark for an extremely good price as a Dusty Lilac, however, the color was more pink, not a light purple. It wasn’t just pink, it was ‘OHMYGODITSPINK!”  The Poshmark vendor sent Powder Pink instead of Dusty Lilac. I kept it because it is an attractive tote and reversible.

Calvin Klein Sonoma North/South Reversible Totes In Three Colors, Powder Pink, Dusty Lilac, Aubergine
Calvin Klein Sonoma North/South Reversible Totes In Three Colors, Powder Pink, Dusty Lilac, Aubergine

Now, I like the color pink, I even have a long sleeve-T that is pink but pink isn’t my favorite color and I’m not sure I’m comfortable carrying the bright powder pink Calvin Klein tote. I’m thankful the Sonoma Tote is reversible in the light Camel color, shown in the first picture.  Unfortunately, Calvin Klein does not send reversible shoulder straps with their Sonoma Reversible totes. I have two others in this style and neither one has a shoulder strap in the reversible color. In fact, if these totes were not on bargain sales, I would not have bought them.

The size reversed is 12x13x5, a good medium tote to carry your daily items and what most medium totes are in size. In previous articles, I’ve discussed what I carry day to day. There is single stitching all around so the tote may not be sturdy enough to carry heavier items without seams ripping apart, as stated in numerous Amazon reviews for the bag. There are no outside  pockets nor inside zip pockets, just an attached envelope bag that is 9 1/4 x 6 1/2 for whatever small items you may need, but it is in the powder pink color and not reversible.

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