Men’s Fashion: Weekenders

For those times when we can travel again across  the county or the country for a weekend away, here are some ideas for you to consider. Here I have the  22″ Piel Leather Rolling Garment bag in Black in the back, the 22″ American Tourister duffle bag in Midnight Blue, the Forever 21 19″ large tote in White and the 19″ Piel Leather Satchel Tote in Green They are all a bit too large to carry day-to-day totes.

The Black Rolling Garment bag with Piel Leather is great for a business weekend. This is versatile enough to carry 2-3 suits and a casual outfit or a mix. The American Tourister Midnight Blue duffle bag I actually used for a two-week stay a decade ago (The bag is 30 years old, looking great in my  humble opinion). As I have said before, I found the white Forever 21 extra large tote on Poshmark and would look great on a train, plane or automobile! This can hold up to a week’s worth of late Spring or Fall clothes or two weeks of summer shorts and t-shirts! The Apple Green tote from Piel Leather is a reverse pyramid from the front and typical pyramid shape from the side, holds a surprising amount of clothes  and items to tool around an urban escape.

Whatever your needs, I’ve shown you what options there are for you outside of the bland, boring basic blacks, browns, grays and blues out there. There is more than backpacks and gym bags to carry you into a weekend or few week’s worth of fun!

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Brick ONeil

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