Men’s Fashion: September Browns

We’re in the last third of the year of my Men’s Fashion Bags articles of 2020. I’ve enjoyed  writing about the different bags, backpacks, clutches and wallets that are available for men to branch out of in terms of Bag Fashion. There are still backpacks and duffel bags, as I’ve written about in previous articles, so I’m hoping men start using colors outside of black, gray, green, camo and of course, brown.

Having said that, September is the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. Here, I’ve chosen the large Piel Leather tote in Saddle with three outside pockets (review below), the Piel Leather hobo tote in Toffee (review below), the Piel Leather foldover bag in Saddle (review below), the Steve Madden foldover clutch in Black and Cognac (covered in clutch article), the imitation Coach Brown Plaid Clutch (covered in previous clutch article), the Piel Leather double clutch in Saddle and my old Buxton wallet with removable slim wallet in chocolate.

Here are the reviews for each bag:

Piel Leather Extra Large Tote with Three Pockets:

Bought this tote from Poshmark for a great used price with some water damage. Cleaned with a leather cleaner then bought a Saddle Acrylic Paint for cover. Looks great!

The Piel Leather Extra Large Laptop Tote is the perfect size for a full day out and about. There is an extra large front pocket and two side by side verticle open pockets on the back. The naked leather is so soft and strong, just like all Piel bags. I was looking for a large all-season tote to hold the various smaller bags I carry, my 2N1 notebook, ereader, phones, tea, water, etc. The straps are long enough to comfortably fit on your shoulders and stay there.

There are metal stud feet on the bottom of the bag, a strong bottom that rests fully on the floor, so the bottom of the bag will not get dirty. When the bag is full, it stands up right by itself, so no flopping over or gaping open with the full top zipper. There is a separate compartment inside for a large computer with a padded divider for protection. Since I do not carry a large computer, it lays against the side perfectly so I can fit other things inside. There are slots, zip pockets and pen/pencil slots on one side for anything you can think of.

Piel Leather Hobo Tote in Toffee:

Bought new on Amazon but when the bag arrived, it was obviously used (Amazon did refund my money). Some message taped inside the inside zip pocket. Dirty, stained leather with spots all over, not part of the ‘leather’. There are dirty sweat stains all over the top of the bag. I was so disappointed in Amazon.

Talking about the bag, the leather feels different from their other bags I’ve bought over the years. The leather is softer, but isn’t as thick and has an odd sheen to it. Doesn’t feel like their normal Colombian Leather. Having said that, this hobo tote is huge, like the yellow hobo tote I bought recently. The hobo measures 20×10 1/2x 5 (if measuring seam to seam at the very bottom, 8 if stretched out). See my Amazon review for the yellow Piel Leather hobo tote review.

I love all the pockets on the hobo tote! outside there are three, one side smartphone slip pocket, another side verticle zip pocket and the large zip pocket on the front. Inside is the zip pocket, where you can see the masking tape memo. Since I don’t have the joy of breaking in the bag myself, I’ll content myself with how much use I will get out of it. Piel Leather is my go-to purchase for bags and this one is no different. A must-buy if you’re looking for fashion, value and a different color out there.

Piel Leather Foldover Tote in Saddle:

Bought the Foldover Tote in Chocolate first from Amazon then the Saddle from Poshmark later. The review is valid for both totes.

What struck me first when opening the box was the rich, chocolate leather! The design is eye-catching with the fold-over top. I graduated from my 8x9x6 Piel Messenger bag, needing something a bit bigger. As I get older, the more health and medical items I need to carry. The smaller messenger bag just wasn’t working anymore.

The two front pockets are narrow depth, but just big enough for a few smartphones, narrow wallet (I bought the Piel Leather mid-range Passport Wallet in Apple to fit in the front pocket). The third pocket has a one inch depth, where I put a small umbrella and sunglasses. On the back side is another narrow pocket for paper, misc items and so on. Inside the bag, the bottom is 15 inches by six, the depth narrowing up nine inches towards the fold. The fold is another eight inches, so technically, you could use the full 15 by 17 inches. The strap brings the tote to your midsection, around your hip.

Inside, I fit another small Piel Leather bag, a canvas and leather one I bought (on Amazon), 7×6 inches for daily items-charger cords and so on, another small bag that carries emergency health care items. I’ve ordered the above passport wallet, an apple green ladies wristlet to carry diabetic supplies and a green coin carrier with slot for DL/Buss Pass/Credit Card (I trade off with other small, thin wallets). The tote an also hold a huge metal water bottle (bought on Amazon as well) and a coffee/tea traveler. I can also fit an ereader inside.

Piel Leather double clutch in Saddle:

When I upgraded my day bag from the 8×9 tote to the 15×9.5 foldover cross over bag, I realized I needed something for the basics. This Piel Leather Clutch caught my eye. At 10×5.5, it is big enough for the basics and small enough to fit into the cross over bag. You can tell this is hand made due to the front flap at an angle. The right side is lower than the left, which adds to the feel. The leather is the typical soft whole grain leather. There is piping along the edges to give it shape. All in all a beautiful clutch for men and women.

At first glance, the clutch looks like Piel sewed together two separate clutches. This gives you enough room to carry the essentials in one easy bag. Looking inside there is the front zippered pocket, which can hold a small wallet, big keychain and my carmex. The back pocket can hold two large smartphones–my Moto E5 Plus and Galaxy Note 8, both in phone covers. There is a hidden pocket where the two pieces are sewn together, creating the pocket between the two. This is large enough for my two insulin pens plus pen needle caps.

All in all, this is a great bare bones bag for anyone to carry essentials. I would heartily recommend.

I am loving these September Browns!

Until next article,


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