Men’s Fashion: Piel Leather Totes

These two Piel Leather Totes had been on my Amazon ‘Piel Leather” Wish List for quite some time, a year or so. They were priced out of my on personal ‘top price’ of around $60 for a top quality bag. They were both around $135 each, so I kept an eye out for the price to drop, as happened to other Piel Leather, Calvin Klein, Forever 21 and other brands. Those bags, especially the CalvIn Klein Sonoma North South Reversible totes would dip to $50 and I would grab them up. Other Piel Leather bags would drop over the past few years as well, as evidenced by the reviews on my Amazon Profile. Go ahead, look my reviews up over the past two years.

Last week, the bags dropped in price! Not to my preferred $40-65 range, but down by $40 so I could grab them. To me, the $80 per bag was enough, as I knew they would not drop down any further. Apparently they only had one of each at the lower price, because the price jumped back up to the regular price. I had decided this was acceptable to me for the quality and the price. Piel Leather bags are top grain cowhide from Columbia, where they are made. The leather is thick, the accouterments are top quality. I’m talking about not only the leather, but the handles, shoulder straps, the metal strap holders, feet, zippers, liners. All top quality.

You have to determine what the price you’re willing to pay for top quality handmade leather is. You also have to learn to give into your stringent demands on what you are willing to give up  for that quality. This goes for anything in life. Learn to give and stretch in your demands.

The bags are more for day-to-day errands, a large wallet, umbrella, phones and cables, medical kit (for those of us that need one). So, for me, this 11.5×8.5×5 bag is just big enough for the extra-basics that previous articles have covered for basic clutches and bags (phone, keys, wallet, carmex only).  The large wallet can carry 3 smartphones, wallet, keys, carmex, diabetic pens and needles.

I love the colors of these bags, Toffee and Charcoal, according to their Amazon Piel Leather page. Of course the picture on the retail site shows an open and full bag, the above pictures are more realistic and life like. There is an outside verticle zip pocket for one small item: small phone, keys, small antibacterial gel bottle or carmex only. I can use the Toffee for Spring-Summer and the Charcoal for Fall-Winter.

Make your decisions wisely. Until next article,


By Brick ONeil

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