Men’s Fashion: Half the Bags

Decided to start weeding my belongings for my (hopeful) move back to Seattle in the next year or so. (Currently on the waitlist for low-income housing in downtown Seattle, going in 3 years–which showcases the housing crisis for low-income Americans). I’ve packed up three shelves of books in anticipation of the move. I”d already donated 7 boxes of books the past three years and left behind about 10 boxes of books when I divorced. Now, since I’ll be moving to a studio apartment, with 450 sqft, losing 200 sqft currently, I won’t have the room for shelves and shelves of books.

January of this year, I had paid off credit cards and bills, so I began buying bags, clutches and totes I like. For year I had husbands and boyfriends who didn”t want me spending my money on things I liked, demanded I give or spend any extra money I had after paying the bills directly to them to squander. So, I began buying my favorite Piel Leather bags and totes, on bargains, clearance and sales–of course. I discovered I liked a Calvin Klein tote and bought four. There are odds and ends bags and totes some no name or minor names.

The picture shows half the bags and totes I have, some all-season, some neutrals and some specific seasonal bags as the picture shows. I began writing Men’s Fashion articles, hoping to break men out of their black-brown-camo-gray rut they found themselves in. I really enjoyed writing the articles and hoped a magazine editor or agent saw my articles and would approach me to print them. Alas, that hasn’t happened yet–I even tagged magazines on twitter.

So, what am I to do? Keep using the bags, of course.

Until next article,


By Brick ONeil

Author, Researcher, Writer: . Called 'a prolific writer' since 2001, work includes Blogging, Copywriting, Spreadsheets, Research, Proposals, Articles in the fields of real estate, dating, health, fitness, disease, disability, technology and food.

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