Men’s Fashion: October Fall Orange

Welcome to Fall! I’ve been waiting since spring to use this xl large faux Marc Jacobs tote in Orange! The other pieces I’ve acquired from Amazon and Poshmark. Today is the first day of Fall and orange shouts ‘Fall’ to me. There’s the changing of the leaves, crisper mornings with mugs of cider and hot cocoa. Evenings bundled up in fleece bathrobes and that favorite blanket.

The Faux Marc Jacobs tote measures 13 inches across the bottom, 18 inches across the top, 13 inches tall, 6 inches deep, the drop is 8 inches. The foldover clutch is by Steve Madden is 13 inches by 7 inches folded and 13 inches unfolded, the smaller orange bag by unknown is 14 inches by 9 inches by 5 inches. The cylindrical tote, which could be used as a clutch, medicine bag or cord bag, is by Express, measures 10 inches by 3 inches. The large wallet is by Yaluxe, where you can read the review on Amazon under my profile. You’ll have to scroll a bit to find it.

I originally bought the bags, clutches, totes and wallets to travel and visit nearby medium and larger cities but then the Covid 19 Pandemic hit, so here we are. I still display them in the apartment but it’s not quite the same thing. I paid, altogether, around $2500 for all the bags, totes, clutches, wallets, 50 pieces. I wish a magazine or organization had contacted me to print and/or publish the articles I wrote this year, to offset the debt, but we can’t get what we want in life. There have been few views this year on any of the Men’s Fashion Bags and Totes articles I’ve written, few comments, few shares. Which has been typical of all/any articles I’ve written the past 10 years on That used to bother me but now, I’m proud I’ve written such diverse, interesting articles.

By Brick ONeil

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