Men’s Fashion: Pink Tote for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can do your part by carrying a pink bag or tote, such as this Calvin Klein Sonoma North/South Reversible Tote. I’ve thought of getting other pink bags to match for the tote bag, but right now I can’t really afford them. If you want to donate $52 so I can buy them, I’ll post another article with them. The left smaller bag is included with the Calvin Klein bag, for whatever smaller items you carry. The small clutch on the right is a Mauve clutch by Lecxci, Dimensions: 9.2 x 5.5 x 0.15 inches, with both a wrist strap and 51 inch shoulder strap. There is a zip pocket on the back side, center zip pocket inside and credit card slots inside as well. found here

Here is my amazon review for this tote with the Aubergine variation:

Initially, I bought the bag thinking the color was lavender from a seller on Poshmark. She had mislabeled the color, either mistakenly or by design, she was wrong. Luckily the bag reverses to a calm camel color, I used that instead of the bright pink last Spring. I was embarrassed to use the pink side but now I feel more confident in carrying the pink side. Pink has more connotations for life than ‘girls’. Pink is calming, Pink is the color of Spring and new growth, Pink is the color for new ideas, Pink is the color for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The bag measures at the widest, 17x12x6, handle shoulder drop is 10 inches, cross body strap is up to 51 inches. The bag does have single stitching all the way around, so beware of carrying too heavy items. There is hardware on the handles, so either men or women may carry with confidence. I love the juxtaposition of the soft PVC and hardware on the tote. There is a magnetic closure instead of zippers or velcro which is a nice change. The magnet is surprisingly strong. Calvin Klein is selling these for around $130 new but you can catch them on sale for around $60-80, which is what I’ve paid for four of these tote bags.

Plus, if you didn’t know, men can get breast cancer as well. You may be supporting your friend, brother, son, neighbor when you carry a pink bag or tote in October. So if anyone calls you out on carrying a pink tote bag, thank them for their noticing and to donate to their favorite Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser or organization.

By Brick ONeil

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