Men’s Fashion: Army Green Bag

This is the third bag I’ve bought by Covelin on Amazon! This is the perfect size, at a sub $20. Previous colors are Dark Pink (hello-Valentine’s Month and Breast Cancer Awareness October), dark purple for both Spring and Fall-doing double duty) and now this Army Green. I plan on buying Aquamarine, Bright Green, Dark Gray if it comes back, maybe Bright Red and Dark Navy.

This bag was the only one to have a stiff center zip pocket. The top zipper looked too small to put anything inside surprising me by allowing the extra-wide zip wallet inside, and the stitching looked like it was sewn by professionals. I went ahead and ordered as a test, as I’m looking to add to other colors and seasons.

When the bag arrived, I was pleasantly surprised about the size, professional sewing, hardware and pockets. The size is correct, roughly, 11x8x5, which is a good size for a tote bag to carry essentials plus. The shoulder extends to use as a crossbody strap. In the article where I cover the Dark Pink (on this website), in the first and second pictures, the bag is full of the items. In the third picture, a look at the inside from above. The fourth picture shows what I put inside: A full pack of rosacea facial wipes, small umbrella, sunglasses case on the left; on the right is a large wide clutch wallet in pink (holding two large smartphones, insulin pens + needle caps, slim wallet, carmex), red medical bag, small phone that was in the back pocket and keys which were in the front oblique (angular) pocket. There was even room for my hearing aid bag! I didn’t mind the center dividing zip pocket so much, as it is stiffer than found in other, more expensive bags and actually held it’s shape with what was inside. Very impressive.

Until next article.

By Brick ONeil

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