Men’s Fashion: Calvin Klein Sets

Earlier in 2020 I started buying Calvin Klein Sonoma Totes, the North-South Reversible version. I waited until they went on sale, on various sites, usually around $60. I first bought the Aubergine (covered on this website), then the Lavender. When looking for the Lavender, one seller on Poshmark sent me the bright pink, above, instead. That started the Calvin Klein Collection you see above.

Now I have these four sets of 2 piece Calvin Klein totes and matching clutches. These range from $28 to $85, bought on Amazon, Ebay and Poshmark. There are three sizes to the Sonoma series above, small-medium-large. Also shown, are the clutches, 11×7.5×3, the perfect accompanying matching clutches to the larger totes. The only color missing that I wanted was the fern, because they never went on sale.

The four sets can be all-season colors, used throughout the year. This depends on what look you are going for, how you dress and what your statement is. I love the brown color block, more for Fall, but the lighter brown and white can carry you throughout the year. White has been used for both Spring and Winter, but is making itself useful year round. The blue color block set shouts ‘SPRING!’ but as I’ve written in previous Men’s Fashion Bag articles, most any color in the 21st Century can be used as a neutral color throughout the year. Just be aware what you wear it with and the setting you are planning to be in. The last is the pink, as I’ve said before, it isn’t just pink, it’s ‘OHMGODITSPINK!’. I had planned on just leaving in the reversible safe camel or tan color but called myself a coward. It’s pink, just a color. This would look great with an all black outfit, or any color solid or mixed color gray. Maybe a cream or tan outfit, brown is a definite.

Until next article.

By Brick ONeil

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