Men’s Fashion: Double Handle Cargo Totes

Want to know what I love about these cargo totes? No center divider! How fantastic! Those center dividers are either so limp and sloppy they just get in the way. Others are so stiff you almost are unable to fit anything inside. I use smaller clutches and bags so items aren’t swimming and diving at the bottom. I immediately know what smaller bag I need when I’m looking for something.

The bag on the left is from Piel Leather in a honey color, perfect for Summer! Bought on Amazon Warehouse for 60% off regular price, received in less than a week. Very impressed with this Piel Leather tote, it is 12x12x5, verticle zip pocket on both sides and one deep zip pocket itself. This has the typical Piel Naked Leather, made in Columbia by artisans. The leather is soft, supple and strong, easy to hold onto with the two long cross body straps. I’m 5’8″ and the bag hits at my hips perfectly. The top zip pocket can be opened wide to see directly into the bottom. I use smaller zip bags and clutches for items, for easier reach, so I do not have to search deep within. This can be used as a daily bag to/from work, running errands or a day around the city.

The bag on the right is from Lovevook, bought on a surprise 40% off sale! Arrived in days via amazon shipping.

Love the light brown yellow color, which is more yellow and goes with the other summer yellow bags I have or can be year round with the brown tones. Measurements are correct, 14x11x5, Zippers are smooth–outisde, top and inside all open and close with no issues. The shoulder drop for the handles is six inches, so not really enough to carry on shoulder, however the crossbody strap is large, around 51 inches. It can be shortened to smallest for tight shoulder bag, to medium for shoulder to hip or extended to lonest for below hip carry.

The PU leather has a beautiful sheen with enough matte finish for an exquisite bag. Can be casual or high end, depending on your dress code, matching belt and shoes or not. The interior is a dark brown and the bottom is flat with no feet.

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By Brick ONeil

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