Men’s Fashion: Three Compartment Totes

Two different versions of the Three Compartment Tote, on the left a black and white classic from Calvin Klein and on the right, a dark navy blue from Piel Leather. Both were bought on drastically reduced prices on Amazon and Amazon Warehouse.

Calvin Klein Elaine Bubble Lamb Novelty Triple Compartment Tote | 6pm

Love the classic look of this black and white tote, reminds me of a classic noir mystery! This unique Calvin Klein Three Compartment Tote in a classic black and white measures 12x12x5, tapering up to a flat point. Inside the open ends there are slip and zipper pockets, the center pocket is short and shallow. While not able to carry computers, large water bottles or a ton of stuff, it is big enough to carry essentials plus that I have covered before in this website. Here, there’s a place for everything and everything in it’s place. There is no shoulder strap but the handles are the standard 10 inches you can place on shoulders or carry like a football under your arm. This isn’t a bag to beat round the bend, rather, this is one to showcase at an event. What event? Only your imagination stifles you. This bag is eco-friendly because Calvin Klein uses a PVC ‘leather’ on all their bags that I have shown on this website. This is a smaller Calvin Klein that I bought on a 50% off sale on Amazon. This is a great addition to my bag collection!

Piel Three Compartment Leather Tote (Navy): Shoes & Handbags

The dark blue is what drew me in when shopping for a dark blue winter bag. The rich, dark hue is perfect and shines in the light.

The bag is pyramid shaped, 16 inches across the bottom and 11 inches across the narrow opening. The depth at the bottom is 6 inches and at the top 4 inches. The shoulder straps are too small to actually carry on the shoulders comfortably, so will have to purchase a cross body strap to carry. The small opening makes using the bag awkward. You really can’t see inside by opening, however, you have to ‘feel around’ to find what you’re looking for. There is one outside verticle zip pocket, perfect for phone, small wallet and keys.

There are three body-wide openings on the top of the bag. There is the center main zip body, that can hold many smaller bags (that I use instead of tossing things inside). I put in my Piel Leather small umbrella-sunglasses-savings cards wallet narrow dopp kit, a nylon zip bag with emergency health care items, another nylon zip bag with diabetes pens and supplies, a small Piel Leather wristlet with charging cords, 20 oz aluminum water bottle.

There are two bag-wide outer snap pockets, one I put my 2N1 10 inch computer, the other side I put another blue leather bag with miscellaneous items in it.

This is a perfect Piel Leather seasonal addition to my bag collection.

By Brick ONeil

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