Men’s Fashion: January Dark Greens

I wasn’t going to continue the Men’s Fashion articles in 2021, because none of the Men’s Fashion Bags articles took off in 2020. Very few comments, likes or shares across ‘social’ media. But, since I enjoy bags, clutches, totes and wallets and I’m still buying new (to me) bags, I’m going to continue to write into the future.

As I wrote in my first Men’s Fashion article, Winter is the time for hibernation, winter whites and more neutrals. There are also rich jewel tones that cover the colors of the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa! This brings us to creams, browns, medium and dark grays, dark reds, purple, dark emerald greens and dark blues. Look for February and March articles for grays and blues!

What have I bought that’s new from last year? In the above picture, a few of the bags are new (to me). A you know, I buy used bags or bargain bags on Amazon Warehouse, Ebay and Poshmark. I’ve covered a few of the above in previous articles, so I won’t go into detail here. I’ve also covered my thoughts on the aforementioned eretailers, so, again, I will not cover them again here.

In the background, is the large warm sage green (the seller on Amazon) called ‘Crazy Horse Green’. This is a large tote, 14.5″x12.5″x4.5″, with feet on the bottom to protect the leather. This is by CRAZY-HORSE LEATHER – and the bag ‘is produced by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface which is then buffed and smoothed out, the wax gives it a very smooth & rich colour.’ I bought through Amazon Warehouse for $30 off their regular price of $79. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the bag, so all the better for me. I like the thick leather, the inner gray lining, the attention to detail, like the reinforced riveted 10 inch handles, bottom feet and pockets inside.

The second bag is by Kattee in the patent dark green leather. The dimensions are 13.77″*10.63″*5.11″; Handle Strap: 10.24″, a good size. What I didn’t like was the top zipper is 2.25 inches from the top, where you lose valuable space if using the zipper. This is why I use smaller colorful leather bags so my items aren’t swimming in the bottom. (I have covered what is put inside in another article here). Waxed shiny cowhide made-well LEATHER TOTE BAG,  Interior is lined with black nylon (difficult to see inside) leather tote bag with 1 zipper main compartment, 1 zipper pocket and 2 open inner pockets; Exterior: 1 zipper back pocket at rear for small items. I’ve put a shoulder strap on the metal hoops, so I’m not sure how sturdy they are. The 10 inch handles are too small to put over a bulky coat, and they are also not riveted, being a previous generation. There are no feet on the bottom, so beware of where you place the bag.

The third bag is a fantastic little tote! I’ve covered this Covelin tote before here on the blog. This bag is a soft pu leather, it’s vegan not from animals, good hand feeling with polyester lining. The dimensions are 11.4″ x 4.7″ x 7.9″, a perfect size to hold your daily plus items, as I’ve written before. You can carry a lot more than you think! I was certainly surprised. I love this bag so much, I’ve been purchasing for other seasons.

The fifth bag is by Amalie Galanti, the only dark green crossbody I found on Amazon. I originally bought the crossbody through Amazon Warehouse. The first thing I noticed was the zipper was not working and notified the company. They immediately replaced the bag, much to my surprise! A great PR move. The size is 10.3”(L)x 2.8”(W) x 6.3”(H), a perfect size to carry daily+ items. I normally carry an envelope clutch to run errands, but could not find a dark green from any manufacturer. So this bigger clutch is great for the room. I can carry an extra phone or whatever.

The sixth bag on the left is a no-name foldover clutch in dark green and black. I bought it on Poshmark and upon receiving the bag, found the leather split and peeling. Some matching dark green duct tape and the bag is usable again. I”m not concerned with how it looks, no one is going to grab it and do a thorough inspection. Plus, I only paid about $8 for it. Next to the foldover is a thin small wallet that I absolutely love! How much? I’ve bought one in almost every color for every tote bag in my collection. The last clutch I bought on a whim and it was on sale for $5 on Poshmark. I’ll probably never use it, but it was adorable.

So here are my choices for January Dark Greens.

Until next article.

By Brick ONeil

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